Vasco Rossi in Rimini: «Meloni, Berlusconi, Salvini? They are fairy tales»

After singing my Romagna At the first public test performance of the summer tour, Vasco Rossi completed the long-awaited zero date at the Romeo Neri Stadium in Rimini yesterday evening.

A very generous concert that lasted well over two hours and traced the entire career of the rocker from Zocca, who for the occasion decided to bring along songs that he had not performed in the line-up for some time. As expected on Thursday, he opened the concert for fans registered in his official fan club during the dress rehearsal tell the moonwho had not sung live for more than ten years.

Surprisingly, Vasco also decided to play Can you imagine, a song missing from the line-up since 2009. It was on this occasion that the singer-songwriter decided to dust off his most provocative and political panache: “Meloni, Berlusconi, Salvini?” They’re fairy tales,» he said called. Then he added immediately afterwards: “But the communists and the five stars are also fairy tales.”

Among other surprises every time (which has not played since Modena Park in 2017) e Tomorrow yes, now no (who has returned to concert singing after thirty years).

At the end of the performance, Vasco reiterated his solidarity with the victims of the Emilia Romagna floods: “I am here to bring a little joy, solidarity and energy to wounded Emilia Romagna, an extraordinary land full of proud and proud people who have never got hurt.” Give up. Never, you are great, you all will make it. Forza Romagna!” he said to Romeo Neri’s 30,000.

Here is the concert program:

tell the moon
laid me down
Rock ‘n’ roll show
You are not who you were
every time
Tomorrow yes, now no
I’ll take you and take you away
A discarded love song
Another breath
Futuristic manifesto of the new humanity
Interlude 2023 / Echo Lake
XI. bid
Some say no
You shoot over him
If I could tell you
Can you imagine
We are alone
love love


my Romagna
Like in a fairy tale / You didn’t get it / What are you doing / The blues of the solo guitar / It’s late now / Incredibly romantic / I’m laughing at you
Only we
reckless life
Clear dawn

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