Will 2023 be the year of RollzRois?

By vainsofjenna Apr26,2023 #RollzRois #year

The list of Italian underground is, as usual, very wide, but in it personalities stand out who could soon make the difference in the panorama of Italian rap: among them we find RollzRoisa pure talent that is already having an impact and will continue to attract more and more attention.

Will 2023 be your year?

The consecration of RollzRois and 2023: a perfect fusion

For some time now, the 1998 Milan provincial rapper has carved his own place in the Italian rap scene with meter and beat. First mentioned on a purely underground level with the release of his debut project in 2017 Goose bumps mix tapeand later in 2020 with the release of his first official album, titled Make money like warproduced by himself and released by the collective Make Rap Great Again, now known to all simply as MRG extension.

Precisely joining the MRGA crew, formed in 2018 by Gionni Gioielli, Blo/B and Fabio Zito, gave the rapper a strong artistic push and, after various projects and songs (also with his group Santa Sede), announced participation Keta music volume 3 by Emis Killa also noticed him in public and opened more doors for him.

A raw, but at the same time very technical rap and the self-production of the instrumentals, which is no longer so common today, characterize Rollz the most. The metric joints are the hallmark of his bars, and in one of his songs they can also be repeated throughout the length of the piece: something not for everyone. In addition, the metric is not empty, but is always accompanied by tangible and sometimes inciting punch lines.

Without betraying expectations in any way, he recently collaborated with two authentic pioneers of Italian hip-hop. The collaborations in question were with Jake La Furia and Don Joe within the latter’s album entitled Don Dada and officially released on 13.

While the album itself wasn’t that big, the track Julian Ross — which features Jake, Less Torrance, and RollzRois themselves — was undoubtedly the most impactful, offering a higher quality rap.

The fact of keeping high-quality rap, enriched by a now frequent participation in musical projects by artists of this caliber only contributes to the growth of a talent like his.

Without a doubt, 2023 can be the year of the great leap, because of the potential it has expressed so far and also because it has attracted the attention of some of the greatest rap exponents of our house.

New releases are on the way. Do you think he will manage to climb the Italian rap pyramid?

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