82 out of 86 shows around the world were sold out

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It was released almost a year ago, on September 16, 2022 Infinite beat15th studio album by Eros Ramazzotti. The day before, on September 15, the singer-songwriter’s world tour started in Seville … a tour that marked a new record in the career of Erosand not only.

If, for example, the sales of the new album were affected by the difficult moment experienced by some of the pioneers of Italian pop in the age of streaming Titian Ferrothe live figures, showing the concrete affection of the public around the world, speak for themselves.

In fact, there is talk of a tour with 86 planned shows between Italy, Europe, Latin America and North America. A tour that saw 82 of those dates sell out.

For the more curious: the target was missed in Quito in Ecuador, Bordeaux in France, Lodz in Poland and Tallinn in Estonia.

We’re talking about a 12-month live adventure that touched 35 countries around the world and gave work to a super team of over 100 people, true Italian excellence as defined by the manager of Eros Ramazzotti, Gaetano Puglisi.

So a great success Infinite beat liveFigures that define Eros as an excellence of Italian pop in the world, with a career that has lasted uninterrupted for over 40 years.

The album Infinite beat (Here Our Review) went Gold for selling over 25,000 copies and was promoted by the artist with the singles between September and November 2022 loves, I am And The Last Romantics.

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