revealed the whole truth about the crisis in Sanremo between Fedez and Ferragni

The Ferragnez Sanremo Special it’s coming… release date and first trailer revealed.

Before the summer Clear Ferragni And fedezI Ferragnezthey started Prime Videos the second season of the documentary series, which follows almost continuously like in the film.Truman show(but the two protagonists are aware that, in contrast, they are the focus of the shots Jim Carey), her marital and professional life.

It was immediately apparent that the second series consistently focused on the disease fedez and about his operation he would not have told what happened to that San Remo Festival not to distract viewers’ attention too much from some important events that unfolded before and after the event in Italy’s most famous family.

Sanremo 2023 he saw Clear Ferragni And fedez monopolize the attention of the entire press. Clear was actually chosen by amadeus as moderator of the first and last episode of the festival. The “Fedez consorte” sat in the stalls and offered to play on the day of the final rose chemical who mimicked intercourse with him, took him on stage and kissed him on the mouth, a performance that sparked much debate and even sparked an investigation, stole the show from his wife.

The video of a commercial break in which the two, with a amadeus Who tries to defuse the situation, they argue on stage. From that moment on, a couple crisis ensued, evidently heralding itself on social media. Many, and the doubt is unassailable, have thought of a publicity stunt.

Now it’s finally time to find out the truth about it. Or rather the truth Ferragnez. Click ‘next’ below to find out when and where and watch the trailer for the special.

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