Annalisa is ready to take us into her maelstrom… here is the new album release date

Annalisa has finally announced the release date of his highly anticipated album: “And then we ended up in the whirlpool“.

A year ago the artistic life of Annalisa, already littered with great satisfactions, has changed forever. After years of being told by some critics that the singer-songwriter hadn’t been able to find the genre of music that suited her best, despite her great talent and beautiful voice, she has arrived.Nice“.

And if this section of critics continued to criticize, this time they denied the fact that his pop was “music by…”. tick tockthe public began to rediscover it.

“My love“, the following single did the rest and from that moment on Annalisa She has developed into a transversal singer who is also popular with GenZ and is sung by all generations. The important prize arrived yesterday Power hits summer 2023the one assigned by SIAE to the most played song at music events across Italy from June to August, it was just the icing on the cake of a fantastic year and the prelude to what is to come… new single, new album, the sold out Mediolanum Forum date and the tour in the Sports halls 2024.

With the first chapter of this artistic revolution completed, the second begins with the album, a record whose title Annalisa has revealed in recent weeks: “And then we ended up in the whirlpool‘, and of which he also announced the release date today, August 30th.

The eighth CD of unreleased tracks will be released in three versions on CD, digital and vinyl September 29th For Warner Music Italy. These are the words of the artist:

It’s impossible to put into words what I’m feeling right now, but very soon, finally, I will do it with songs.
I can’t wait to let you into this whirlpool of climbs, descents, blinding lights and deep shadows.
persevere ✨

My new album “AND THEN WE ENDED INTO THE VORTEX” will be available everywhere on September 29th 🌪️”

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