Maneskin, from “HONEY (ARE U COMING?)” (meaning and lyrics)

maneskinsdarling (are you coming?)”: Lyrics and meaning of the new single

On the eve of their new world tour – the HURRY! World Travel – Damiano, Thomas, Victoria and Ethan are back with “darling (are you coming?)‘, a real concentrate of energy where the riff of the electric guitars and the rhythmic part chase each other and fit with the lyrics, creating a delightful short circuit between the uptempo melody and the melancholy character of the words.

«We wrote this song right after the last tour. We still had all the adrenaline we had accumulated from concerts and travel. We wrote it between London and Los Angeles» said Victoria about the Making of “HONEY (ARE U COMING?)”. Then he added: “We are very happy with the result and think it’s something new for us».

Instead, Damiano drew attention to it meaning of the song:

«It’s the story of an encounter between two people who together see a little sadness in their eyes, something that makes them feel out of place. This song is an invitation to join a new adventure without really knowing what to expect and to enjoy the journey».

Maneskin: “Honey (are you coming?)” and the rush! World Travel

THE maneskins they presented “darling (are you coming?)” Preview with a special worldwide live stream on their Instagram and Facebook profiles, during which they performed in a riotous live session at the Gazometro in Rome.

“We are here today because we will be presenting our new single “HONEY (ARE U COMING?)” for the first time. We are very excited and can’t wait to play it live for you on tour.”

And speaking of tours, on September 3rd – from Hanover, Germany – the HURRY! World Travelwhere Maneskin will perform in major arenas in North America, South America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia), Japan, the UK, Europe and, for the first time, Australia.

Damiano, Thomas, Victoria and Ethan are finally expected next September 12th MTV VMAs. After last year’s victory in the category “Best alternatives” with “i want to be your slave“In fact, the band is nominated again, this time in the category “best skirt” with “The loneliest“.

Below you will find the text and that translation From “darling (are you coming?)”!

Måneskin releases new single “Honey (Are u Coming?)”.

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