Elisa opens the Green Village and is ready for live performances at the Versoa Arena

Last year hero festival under the artistic direction of Elise was a great success and so in 2023 Green Village Return for three days, from June 2nd to 4th. And on two of these dates, June 3rd and 4th, the singer-songwriter will perform at the Arena di Verona.

Green Village It is an area furnished with eco-sustainable materials and designed according to sustainability criteria, including social criteria, where panels, performances, workshops, sensory journeys, film screenings, wellness activities and activities for boys and girls take place. Admission is free, subject to availability.

Thanks to the patronage of the Municipality of Verona, the Green Village will enliven different places in the city with the aim of raising awareness on issues that are a challenge to protect the planet, but above all also to transmit an invitation to act responsibly with the environment and keys to interpretations provide useful in clarifying the gap between the current conditions and what the earth could or should be.

The Green VillageIn addition, every day, in addition to a market with the artisans of Storie Creative Apicoltura dell’orso, Terre biologiche Veronesi and a bar/food with Pantarei Le Maddalene, Mastro Matto will also permanently host the Avifauna di photo exhibition carmen You make a facethe cultural and environmental association Nour, which takes care of the Stone Light Streets project and the Scart Works (life-size sculptures of men and women). Each statue is made from 100% waste materials. The works pay homage to the culture of circular economy, which knows how to improve what has already been achieved and project it into the future) and the photo exhibition of Mondoapi and Apiary of Wellbeing.

To get to the Green Village It is advisable to park in the designated parking spaces or to arrive by bus and bicycle.

The Green Village This will be possible thanks to the important support of Ubi and Conad. “Ticketone is Elisa’s official ticketing partner with Dardust – An Intimate Arena.”

From Verona, also thanks to the collaboration with the Arena, begins the proposal for a new cultural, social and economic paradigm: a strong signal to the country of everyone’s responsibility towards the environment.

Elisa’s green village

In the Green Villageorganized and coordinated by alexandra Nalon From tip and head) local realities will also be present to offer a new experience to the public and to spread the goals of sustainability and the message of Back to the Futurethe claim of the entire “green” project of Elise.

Activities began on June 2nd from 6:30 p.m. with the “parade green“, which goes from Santa Marta University Pole to Santa Toscana Park and involves the public and all associations.

In the presence of Elise and the start of the challenge took place”Let’s forest Italy together: Let’s help with Conad to plant 11,000 trees in Italy‘ and then the artist, along with Paola Maugeri (Journalist, speaker, and radio and podcast writer, she founded the Man in evolutionthe place to free the mind, listen to the heart and develop the soul) e Silvia Francescon (Expert in international environmental law, currently responsible for the environmental agenda of the Italian Buddhist Union and member of the G20 Expert Committee of the Energy and Climate Working Group in the Ministry of Ecological Transition) spoke on the topic “The Rights of Nature” and gave a lecture Acoustic Live Special subsequent DJ set by cosmos.

Following the activities of June 3rd and 4th.

The 3 are brought to life with many panels – coordinated by Music Innovation CenterPromoter last year from hero festival – who deals with the topic in various facets, such as:

  • apitherapy
  • “The Zero Waste Method”
  • “The harmony between sentient beings”
  • the “cruelty-free fashion”

And then more workshops:

  • Wellness Apiary
  • Learn more about apitherapy
  • Aperihoney’s brief guide to sensory analysis of honey and discovery of beekeeping products
  • Legambiente Active Laboratories for Children and Adults with Verona Fablab Ma-African Museum
  • real food
  • Salvailsuolo – Workshop and entertainment for Mereketenghe children
  • Aworld D-Hub – Swapush exchanges and free shopping
  • Aworld Rechiclo – creative workshop with recycled materials
  • GeAs Yoga, accompanied by DJs Ika Faccioli

In addition, at different times of the day, from 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., it will be possible to reflect on the care of body and mind (“Body and Soul”). In the evening room for music with the acoustic live show drastic of psychologists and the DJ set from multi-platinum producers Zeph And march.

On June 4th, the panels (“Music for the Planet”: a year together” and “Butterfly Effect: how to start the eco-revolution”), the workshops with bear beekeeping, the migratory distribution of fruit extracts from food surpluses: Real Food Fresh Mob, Henry & Co.

And then again an open discussion about resistance and common mistakes that stand in the way of sustainability; Yoga, always accompanied by GeA and Dj Ika do themand with the acoustic live from through collected (a collective of visual artists and music producers operating in the Neapolitan area since 2020).

On the evenings of June 3rd and 4th Elise will be live at the Verona Arena An intimate night with Dardust.

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