The summer is also melancholic thanks to “Cry”, a new and intense song of the multi-layered FUME’

The songwriter summer 2023 SMOKE stands under the banner of You cryan urban pop ballad for ADA Music Italy/Warner.

The versatile and talented artist who combines indie, urban, R’n’B and electronic sounds with important references in his music Post Malonerelease this song after gaining recognition in the United States Outstanding musician with the Woody Herman Jazz Awards and released the EP in 2020 X love.

After ringSingle from 2021, and Rescuerintroduced in 2022 (Here our interview), this year it’s the turn You crya play that gently tells a love story lived in the summer of 1996. A lost love.

that’s how it goes SMOKE the new song says:

Piangi contains all the fluctuating emotions of two people who have loved each other in the past and are reunited years later.

Memories come up again. The emotions fluctuate between sadness and anger at not understanding one another sufficiently, let misunderstandings drive them away and make them proud.

The fear of getting lost grows more and more on this emotional journey. The view goes further and further, into the hidden parts. To then recognize the vague good you feel for the other person and the indescribable bad you feel at the same time. The clock marks the time of a past memory. The hot and melancholic summer of 1996.”

You cry it was written in the text of the same SMOKE while the music was co-composed by the artist DOD it is at Emmanuel Fioretti.


The article Summer is also melancholic thanks to “Cry”, a new and intense song of the multifaceted FUME’ by All Music Italia.

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